Sydney Opera House

This is a fantastic architectural feat by a Dane who never saw this icon completed.  He based it on Mayan temples that he visited with lots of steps going up to where the offerings were given. These sails catch and reflect the sun beautifully. Took the tour but didn’t want to spend £300 on a premier ticket for La Traviata!  Saw a play and almost fell asleep because of jetlag. Thanks to Redbull I made it. A must visit!!

Flying and arriving Sydney

Always great to leave Glasgow when the sun is not shining (and that’s very regular!), but to leave it when it’s snowing even better!

Can’t fault Emirates.  So much better than BA.   Silver cutlery in Economy!  But why the drinks trolley follows the food will be left unexplained.  Endless choice of movies as well.  Never flew in a A380 before.  Hotel on wings and what a great move to get extra legroom👍.

After 21 hours of flying via Dubai arrived in a rainy Sydney with a slighty sore bum.  See it as preparing my buttocks for the 16,000 km about to come. Apparently it was beautiful weather until my arrival, so when the locals heard I flew in from Glasgow, they naturally  blamed me for bringing it.

Here’s the total sum of my belongings proving to my kids that I CAN travel light if I have to.   My two saddle bags wrapped together even holds my helmet, nexk support and bike trousers

What I was definately bringing in was cigars in the form of lots of my favourite Moods.  Bought a big stash duty free when skiing week before.  I didn’t know one has to pay duty when bringing in more than 25g.  Was very tempted to take my chances through the green lane, but watched a tv program with Mia on Australian border control and you don’t mess with them.  Could already see the headlines:  “ Cigar-Smuggling-Adventure-Pensioner DEPORTED on arrival!”  Friendly young officer made an executive decision upon hearing from my trip that I certainly need a few cigarillos to keep all the venimous stuff and the crocs away.  Upon making promise him that I’ll stop smoking after completing my trip, he waved me through.  Couldn’t have hoped for a better welcome to the land of Oz!

AirB+B just great!  Affordable accommodation:  Room with young friendly couple.  4 stops with train and I’m at the harbour .

Sydney’s just a great place.  First big real cosmopolitan city I get to where the people are just relaxed.  If they’re this laidback when doiing the rat race, what are they going to be like in the smaller towns?!

Few impressions of Sydney, taking ferry to Manly, cycled for afternoon

He’s got hooves, luckily I’m getting wheels 😜


Thanks Andy and your team for putting this website together for me. Your generosity but moreso your friendship is highly appreciated.
I am all revved up to go on my Australian adventure, but nature played it’s part in delaying departure with two days till Saturday night.
To all my friends out there, will be great to share this once in a lifetime journey with you. I’m using this site mainly to record my own experiences as I’m (mostly!) a little short of memory these days. They say life is all about creating good memories, but what’s the use if you can’t remember them!🤣
Please stay in touch as it will for sure get a little lonely out there.
Thanks again


Glasgow’s a great place to live, but who wouldn’t like to leave for Australia when the Beast from the East is raging?! Feels like -8c outside today.   Arrived home yesterday evening to a burst pipe outside  The water must have been spurting out for hours.  Felt my Capetonian friends’ pain.

…a word from his sponsor!

As everyone knows Klaas is pretty poor and relies on the charity of friends to get things done and keep his life flowing in the positive manner he is accustomed to.
We have been happy to create this blog area for him to update and all of you lovely readers can see what he is up to on his adventure.  You can have an opportunity to leave your own comments and pictures. I assume the only reason you would ever do this would be to make him feel loved whilst on the road!! Other reasons may exist though, so as I am moderator be gentle please!

Good luck Klaas, have fun, stay safe and keep in touch.

All the lads and lassies at Soapbox. x