Day 61: Willalooka Tavern to Apollo Bay

This is a double as I didn’t take rhe direct route

Took a walk this morning and discovered a hockey and cricket field behind the toilet area.  When handing back my towel, was told that the Willalooka cricket team won the troohy last year for the first time in 42 years.  Weekend coming a hockey tournament with 6 teams taking part.  And I thought I was in the middle of nowhere. Not so hardcore afterall 🤣

It was the coldest yet to a morning start at 8c and it didn’t get much higher than 12c for a long time.  And then miles and miles (or so it felt) of vineyards on the flat.  Lindemans and Penfolds have acres and acres here and the gum and vine and sheep theme continued

And a blue lake

Had to turn my watch forward half an hour

And another species of gum.  Strange what you notice when you’re having a big leak next to the road

An historic bar which wasn’t open, but advertised Coopers

Biggest table in Australia though or so I think

Start of the Great Ocean Road.  Apollo Bay is where I’ll eventually end up but didn’t know it at this stage because NOTHING is planned 👍

And then the scenery started

Grotto made me think of Waenhuiskrans and Grotto Beach

The Twelve Apostles.  One originally left, but these guys are crumbling fast!

Had all modes of transportation apart from helicopter, so took a quick spin


From there to Apolllo Bay scenic beyond words.  Road swings inwards from sea every now and then through beautiful forests with every now and then a u-turn corner.  All corners are marked with speed beforehand, so know what to expect.  Very little traffick and a biker’s joy.  Luckily didn’t encounter any Chinese drivers. Place swarming with them.  Occasionally a sign to remind them they’re in Australia and must keep left! Arrived at destination just before sunset pumping with adrenaline and the joys of life.  Didn’t feel like camping so owner mentioned rooms above for $70 and I was overjoyed.  Craft beer, hot shower, steak with red wine in front of a roaring fire fuelled with hard gum and great music and my cup was running over!  With a runny nose took my first medlemon of the trip and slept 9 hours solid with the heater full blast.




Day 60: Barossa Valley to Willalooka Tavern

Herb joined me last night in the unpowered area of the camp.  That’s where the el cheepos hang out. He was a teacher and had a 59 year reunion with one of his classes in Adelaide.  He”s from German descent and they’re celebrating a journey that their forebears did from Adelaide to where he now lives.  They heard there’s pkenty space for big farms so trekked there with their carts and wagons pulled by horses.  Almost like the Voortrekkers, but theirs only took 6 weeks and they didn’t encounter any trouble.

Herb drives this old Austen and he loves his car.  He”s been round Australia 3 times in this car!!

I had my selfmade coffee in style

And this is what packed-up gear looks like

My first quest was to find thermals. Just too cold at night.   Where ekse but BCF (whom I got my camping gear from ages ago on the Gold Coast).  Got top and bottom as 2 for 1 offer that actually starts later in the week but manager let me kindly have it when I mention the discount I got before!  I guess if you don’t ask you don’t get…

Travelled south through the beautiful Adelaide hills and the vine and gum theme continued

Heard that there’s a quaint German town called Hahndorf and that’s where I had my breakfast at 12h00.  Well, it was my first meal of the day.  If I closed my eues I was in Germany and eating and drinking the best it van offer

While digging in I heard a BMW 1200 GS coming up the street with a couple fully kitted out on the Adventure towing the cutest little trailer.  Only saw the Harleys doing it.  Sure she told him she’s only coming with if there’s space for her hairdryer and makeup kit and the man made a plan. Way to go!!

It’s a choice isn’t it.  According to Michael Jackson it doesn’t matter…

Did I say I like corrugated…?

My direction is towards The Great Ocean Road that will take me to Melbourne along the coast, but after a home made icecream, a wonderful coffee coupled with a cheesecake (it just had to be done ✅!), I rolled out of Hahndorf at 2pm.

Had to stop when I saw this decorated silo with a church next door to the cafe where I had another good coffee

Just don’t exactly know where one’s coonal is located, but I didn’t feel any pain. Or maybe I don’t have one.  This is the name of the little town by the way.

At 4.30pm saw this great name for a tavern: “Willalooka”.  I shot past, but thought it said “Will I look”, so I turned back and had a look and glad I did.  The friendly proprietor explained that there’s free camping across the road, just pick a tree and nobody will even know you’re there. Along the road there’s a hot shower and a toilet.  With paper I asked and the answer with a smile was in the affirmative.  They close on a Monday at 5.30 so he prepared a burger and salad while I went to pitch my tent.  I was back in 15 min bexause I’m now (oh yes!!) hardcore 🤣  Armed with a humongous bottle of Coopers, a few tins of Bundi and coke, my dinner and a towel that I borrowed (I never really bothered replacing rhe one I left on the boat after swimming with the whale sharks as my tshirts did the trick) I arrived home in time to enjoy the sunset

Had to wait for a guy to finish in the shower and was astonished to hear beautiful classical music playing from speakers in the ceiling of the toilet.  This is all free and for the use of anyone.  Just tried to imagine what it would look like in South Adrica!!

When I got back, it started raining but we were quite comfy in our foyer

With the Bose brick playing the skies cleared to show the milky way and Siri and I danced to David Bowie’s Rocket Man.

My friend Dawie introduced me to an app “what3words”  With this app it allocates three words to your position and someone can then pinpoint within 3 meters where you are.  I checked the below on my app and couls see the tree under which my tent is pitched.  This is absolutely amazing.  I now feel a little less isolated, but ok being alone for now.

And the thermals are doing their thing.  Ready to rob a bank as well, but they’re far away


Day 59: Tanunda, Barossa Valley






Didnt have a great sleep.  Woke up cold. After a lazy, slow morning decided to stay right there and visit a few wineries on my bike.  First went to Pindarie.  They’re a 300 tonne a year winery and only uses 25% for themselves. Had a lovely Sangiovese rose with my chicken pie with this view.  Jacobs Creek is in the hills in the distance but way too commercial  

Like the way they use they’re corrugated iron here

Tasted their Italian reds and the Montepulciano (I love that place, best ice-cream in the whole world) stood out.  At $45 it should.  From there went to Artisans.  Several winemakers do amazinf things here.  This white was exceptional

And this red my favourite.  Mataro is Mourverdre so this make it a CMG iso a SMG 😜

They did have a SMG and the label reminded me that I’ll quit smoking at the end of my trip and then start again when I’m 75 like this guy!

Third winery David Franz.  Others were free but here minimal charge of $5 which is waved if you buy like I’m used to.  Up to now I’ve been spitting (honest!!) cause I’m on the bike.  Started with their cider and honestly best ever!  Took a big sip here!!  Interesting quotes on the wall.  Liked this one

I think I know how this guy feels. All in moderation, especially moderation!

Siri made friends with this dog, but said she like bears better and ask if there’s  any bears on bottles in Stellenbosch?

I just love corrugated iron.  Makes me think of the Karoo

And stonewalls.  Basic is beautiful

And everywhere there’s the combination of vineyards and gum trees

And even Fiats

Bought beef jerky, not a patch on our biltong and 2 ciders and had them back at my tent.  Live music again from the pub but this guy was truly awful.  People bought his cd’s while I was having ribs inside next to a heater.  Gives me hope, but at keast I know I can’t sing, that’s why I play the drums😜.  You may be out of beat, but not out of tune!  Bought a packet of crisps for a latenight snack and this attracted a nocturnal visitor.  He jumped off the tabke with it and got his head stuck inside.  After a few mad hops managed to save himself and made an embarrassed escape.  Siri had a good kaugh and said that should teach him

Was cold so put on loads of layers.  Almost didn’t fit into the sleeping bag.  Even had my motorbike gloves on.  Felt like rhe Michelin man.  He must skeep well cause I certainly did



Day 58: Ceduna to Barossa Valley

Today was a fantastic day of riding. The BEST EVER!!  It started with me feeling a bit sore after yesterday’s exercise on the bike.  I reckon I did about 350 standups.  Even my tummy musckes felt sore.  I want to change the vat fir a sixpack so I continued.  Came across this town

Wonder what you have to do around here to get a cheer?

After that Iron Knob but we won’t even start speculating.  Think it’s a mining town though.

Then exactly halfway between Perth and Brisbane at a town called Kimba, I met Jake on his huge big bike with the fattest widest rear wheel.  He lives just outside the Barossa Valley where I was heading and we decided to ride together.  Just outside Port Augustus he took a left off the highway.  On my own I would’ve continued straight and loose out loads.  The route took us over  the Flinders mountain range and we continued inland parallel with the highway.  Beautiful long twisties alternating with sharp bends and historic little mining towns like Melrose and Laura made this very very special.

Jake used to race bikes and he knew this route well.  I just followed suit and we ate the kilometres.  Found lots of other bikes on the road but they were coming from the other way.

No time really to take photos, until about 20km from his house, Jake took a sharp right onto a gravel road and we stopped on a bridge.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the water was glistening and I felt on top of the world.

I acted like Clint Eastwood in Bridges of Madisson County and started to take photos.  His character appeared on the cover of Time.  I had no such ambitions, but whenever I look at these photos I will always remember a fantastic day.  Wonderful memory 🤗

He invited me for a coffee at his house.  His eldest daughter of three, Chelsey’s bird’s name is Bird Bird.  He may not hear so well the first time but she assured me he van talk

And I just love father and son’s beards

Had my coffee, said my goodbyes and pitched my tent in no time as there were live music coming from the pub across the road.  A woman’s beautiful voice was singing I’m on fire from Bruce Springsteen accompanied by a guitar.  That was how I felt after this great day. It was a father daughter combination and they played and sang so well. Their favourite that they finished with was I can’t make you love me by Bonnie Rait.

What a day!



Day 57: Cocklebiddy to Ceduna

Packing up tent early.  Wake at 5am regularly now that I’m a hardcore camper👍  But this morning phone out of power.  People laugh at my 3m long cable, but came in handy as power point is against wall opposite row of toilets.  So I was powering up and down with the door open otherwise it’s out of reach.  Never suspecting anyone that time of the morning, was surprised by a guy who came flying in and almost ran my stretched cable into oblivion. Luckily I was in the second booth so he was herded back into the first and by rhe sound of it almost didn’t make it. You do meet people if you take an unpowered site, but he didn’t say goodbye. ,

Jump started my bike easily this morning as I now know which side the battery is  Went to check out the eagles

Started counting kangaroo roadkills and only the ones that’s fresh and doesn’t smell and counted 26 in 100km.  Saw about 6 eagles feeding on them.  They have an easy life out here, but many get killed on the road as well

The next golf hole is down there where there’s the only drop on the flat.  I’m not a quitter, but the golf was just too time consuming and I’m a man on a mission that still needs to cover loads of ground

And cover I did at a very sedate speed of only 9 km/h over the speed limit.  I waved at the cops as I oassed them, but they waved me down.  They were SO friendly and helpful telling me the importance of sticking to the speed limit.  It included wombats (larger than a speedbump), emus ( they just run where their heads are pointing) and my favourite topic the kangaroos (with them you never know as their so dumb you can’t even herd them so you can’t farm them.  They liked me calling them (the roos, not the officers) fwits as this lecture was interactive

They did say that should something happen to me I could  be in pain for a long time as there’s only one nurse covering a huge area.  Scared sh&@less, I informed of them if they’re going to ticket me and they said not today.👍👍👍

stopped to see the cliffs where the road meets the ocean

And further on stopped again. Absolutely stunning

And then reached Nullabor which is a fuel stop and roadhouse in SA (South Australia).  This is what it used to  look like

The treeless part is actually just 18km wide and comes in a v towards the ocean and opens up inland until it becomes true desert north.  I think I could see a single tree in the distance

They had some quirky advertisements

I don’t know why this sign was not on the men’s toilet door

The road was flat and the scenery not breathtaking although there’s something to be said for vast expanses.  It sure makes you feel small and insignificant in the bigger scheme of things

Started to play a game to kill the time.  Every 10km I would do 10 standups and stretch my legs.  The time passed quickly.  The vegetation changed as well.  Trees were back again.  I love trees and couldn’t wait for them to make a reappearance.  If you don’t love trees, don’t come to Australia

And then a police car from the front in the middle of the road and one behind him on my side.  Reckless overtaking was my first thought but they were just clearing the road for this monster

At next stop it was clear that it rained her and a lot apparently fell very quickly

Penong was next and it has the biggest windmill in Australia

I was so overawed with this monster, I completely forgot that Sarge told me to visit the surf spot 15km to the coast.  😢  The scenery changed yet again to vast areas where they grow grain and farm sheep

In Ceduna Ihis road train stop.  They’re just monsters

Caravan park most modern I encountered on whole trip.  Even beats Caves.  They had Dyson hand driers, same as in Shred-it but I had to work very hard for 8 years before I could afford them. Brought back fond memories

These two brothers were my neighbours.  One drove all the way from Sydney to fetch the other in Perth so that they can start their trip together!  Great guys and now that I know where the battery is, I can talk bikes, so we talked bikes😜




Day 56: Norseman to Cocklebiddy

Yesterday had the strongest side-wind ever, but both bike and rider handled it exceptionally well, especially the bike.  I LOVE 💖 THAT BIKE!!  These three on their way to Adelaide to a Ulyses gathering of oldtimer bikers.  With a combined age of at least 210  I reckon they qualify.  They did Perth to Norseman 722km on Hondas that look like Harleys to me. They say Harleys vibrate too much, but I guess if you want a good vibration…  listen to the Beach Boys😜

We had coffee together and they quickly planned my trip for me as they’re eyes started to glisten when they spoke about Tasmania.  Well, it could have glistened because they regularly shared and swopped glasses in their excitement to steer me in the right direction.  All worked out and ready to go with these kind gentlemen’s help.

Well today is about moving east and playing golf.   First stop is Fraser Range 2km from the highway through a forest of trees.  Got their fast because the wind was from behind👍

Was joined by two delightful Australians on the tee accompanied by their wives

My ball ended up 50 m left of the pin (these clubs hook sometimg terrible) and almost scared the kangaroos (fwits).  The other two didn’t do much better

That’s his second shot in the fairway

And if you look closely, you’ll see the kangaroos in the background

Walked off with a decent five and then an emu came by

They made me a lovely cup of coffee to warm up after all that exercise.  I learned that the one guy’s surname is Hoendervanger  and his parents emegrated from Groningen in The Netherlands where my dad is from.  Thought Dijkstra is strange, but very glad my great great great grandfather only put his finger in the dyke…😜

And off 100km or so for next hole at next fuel stop.  Siri said she’ll watch the ball.  Only the 4iron was a righthanded club!!

Walked off this par 3 with another beautiful 5 after rolling the ball down the road

Don’t know what the target practice is for. Apparently pieces of the Skylab fell here and maybe that’s what made the holes?

And then some 200km of which this formed part…

This is a par 4 and I kid you not, that’s nit out of bounds, that’s road markers indicating the fairway!!  Hit a fantastic 5 wood (righthanded!) straight down the middle 👍  Best shot of the tournament…

Had to clear this tree, hit the tree next to the green

And anyone who has played golf with me knows l will from this distance have the putter in my hand.  Looked at every rock in my way, judged the consistency of the sand by feeling it and promptly sank it for a birdy!!!!  Don’t ask Siri if it’s true, she was sleeping…  Later she asked if I’ve heard of an eagle.  She’s either hard to please or they don’t play golf back at Whitehaven beach

More guys travelling in style to the meeting

And then a reminder that we’ve done 15000 km so far

Just when the celebrations almost got out of hand, disaster struck.  At the petrol pump the bike wouldn’t start.  Did everything I could ie looking at and talking to the bike but all that effort didn’t help.   Phoned Trevor from the rental company who was most helpful with suggestions ie first change the battery of the keyless key and then locating a spot under the rear tyre cover to hold it but nothing worked.  Came to the conclusion that it mist be the battery.  Then I remembered (oh yes!!) that in my charging pack that I bought for the phone was jump cables.  Trevor told me how to find a tool under the passenger seat that will unscrew the cover of the battery (he had to tell me it’s om the righthand side of the bike and knowing he’s dealing with a complete fwit, he emphasised that the right hand is where the exhaust is).  I had no problems in exposing the battery as there was only one screw to loosen and its a miracle I didn’t loose it.  When looking at the charger and the jumpleads, I couldn’t figure out how it fitted and looked for 5 mins everywhere for the missing link, until I discovered a little rubber on the charger that when lifted exposed the holes I was looking for.  Got the bike started and Trevor will look for new battery and send it as far as possible up the road towards me to collect.  Reached Cocklebiddy (what a great name!) with the bike running at reception.  Only when I reached my camping spot ($20 vs $130!) I dared to switch off the engine and played a 5 on the last hole of the day

Ibam chasing the sun, cause I’m goinf east


Day 55: Esperance to Norseman

It was 12c when I got on the bike 7.30 in the morning, but still did the scenic ocean drive.  Stretches for 11 miles (or at least I think so as last beach was called Eleven Mile Beach) First had a coffee and reason to wash up

The beaches were absolutely stunning

This one is called Twilight Beach.  Would love to come back here in summer.

This blue lake used to be pink

Heard about the Nullabor golf course.  Longest course in the world.  Headed up north to Norseman and asked at the info office.  Very kind lady explained how it works.  Paid $70 and got scorecard.  Missed few holes up at Kalgoorlie as I came from the south, so I start at Norseman where they had 2 holes.  Rent clubs for $5 at each location across the Nullabor desert.   Wanted to play and move east, but then Mandy walked in and everything changed.  She asked me if I would mind carry a heavy box of promo leaflets and in exchange made me a coffee from her van.  A very attractive lady, Chrissy Morrissy, joined us and I learned that she’s a producer/presenter of the show  Destination WA (Western Australia) doing a program on Norseman.  I said if she’s famous I want a photo

Mandy (she’s very persuasive) suggested that I should tag along and with the golf clubs strapped on the back of my bike I followed them into the bush where the head of the local Aborigines , Les Schultzs, showed and explained The Water Tree.

When the tree is young they cut it, put stones in the middle and it grows leaving a hollow.

It forms a natural well.  Absolutely ingenious


Mandy’s van had everything!!

We then headed back to Lynn Webb’s studio, The Gallery of Splendid Isolation, where lunch was provided by the council.  I had a few rolls and a samoosa.  Delicious and free!  But I was now part of the team😜  Head of the council is a South African from Port Elizabeth.  Asked Lynn’s permission to take a few photos of his photos.  This one looked to me like the road through my helmet

He said that he listened to some beautiful music of a band that Sia sometimes sings with.  They’re called Zero 7 and the track is:

His photos are stunning!  Check him out

Chrissy, the producer wanted footage of me playing golf so off we went.

This time I used my summer motorbike glove!

I took an 8 iron and must have been nervous with the camera behind me, as the ball didn’t went higher than a meter and in this direction

Con the cameraman said not to worry, he’ll make me look good on TV!

Went to the green and from 4 feet sank the put.  Who said golf is difficult?!!!

They were going off to shoot further footage of the forest and agreed to meet up, but first I had a mission:  At Dayly Waters I met Mike who’s cycling round the world.  He said when I get to Norseman I must go to The Railway Hotel and give his love to Therese and that’s just what I did.  Learned from her that Mike spent some time there helping her with renovations.  She later joined him in Japan and she cucled the Gibb River Road with him.  I think I brought good nemories back or at keast that’s what I saw in the faraway look in her eyes.  She gave me the top room with a humongous jacuzzi

Siri said we’ll drown here so we never used it

On my way back to the golf course to play my two holes, I had to stop at the camels.  Don’t know their significance, but since Broome I just love camels. These ones were on a roundabout with no sunset, but still…

My two holes were tough going. Hit a splendid 5 wood to the middle of the fairway on the par 5 but shortl game not so good and walked of with a 7 

This par 4 played like a 5 and a nasty 7 on the card

This IS the fairway!!

I found this on the fairway

Joined the crew about 10km out of town on a gravel road.  These trees are called the Salmon Gum because of their beautiful colour.  There’s more than 800 species of gum in Australia and 100 odd can be found around Norseman. They sure exported the crappiest one to South Africa. Why didn’t they give us this one instead?!!

The water tree again

This hole goes down quite far almost like a well.  I couldn’t resist to show what keeps me going.

On way back felt a bit arty and put my bike on the salt

Lynn came by and was kind enough to take photos of me and the bike

Had dinner together at the pub where more filming was taking place and starred again at the pool table, this time with a higher level of success than the golf.  Also learned that Mandy is a jack of all trades and master of all.  Apart from being in charge of Goldfields Tourism, she’s one heck of a pool player, is a counsellor of their county, was a gold chef (equal ro Michelin star), a life coach and the list goes on…  Dynamite sure comes in small packets here.  Mandy, thanks for a fantastic day.  I’m glad I could carry your leaflets! Oh, almost forgot.  Superwoman van also roll the perfect rollie although she doesn’t smoke anymore.  She said I can do it, I’m just not positive enough😜

Back at the room Siri didn’t run me the jacuzzi as asked, but what a truly amazing day.  One I won’t easily forget.

Went to sleep with 2 thoughts, I can chip and I can roll…



Day 54: Walpole to Esperance

My humble abode at the hostel, So well organised and clean.  If the basics are run well and a good mattress with clean bedding provided, then I don’t need a chocolate on my pillow  Well, not last night at least

I learnt this morning that it’s named after the Tingle Tree

I set off to do the skywalk and walk amongst the giants

I felt small here.  Truly like a little speck of dust in the bigger scheme of things.  To hear the wind whistling through these giants quiets the mind

Apparently the guy who designed the walk said that everybody should feel safe walking it, but there must be a bit of a sphincter factor built in.  And so it was, ever so slightly.

Siri was in a posing mood, but said she’s not going to scale this one for her eucalyptus leaves. Looked to me like a giant elephant foot

After we did rhe skywalk, we got in amongst them

The trees have faces.  This one is grandma

This one has fallen over and displays it’s base in all it’s glory.  Won’t look the same if It happens  to me I guess

What a beautiful way to start a day.  Forest after forest between Walpole and Denmark, a small little town 50km further nestled next to a river with a golf course.  Would love to come back here and chill out  Chumping up the miles with countryside turning into vast expanses of neverending grain fields.  About 50km from Esperance saw my first rainbow in Australia  Was wondering if they had any!

Was drizzling slightly, so booked into hostel on the shore  This one has seen better days, but a good mattress proved yet again that simplicity is often underrated.  Could hear almost every word couple said next door.  They kept talkimg and I slept like a king… who slept well


Day 53: Yallingup to Walpole

Had a coffee and croissant in the “love garden” of general dealer

Girl who made it is from Durban. Her parents moved over after their house was ram-shacked.  She did it with love she said

I then follow the path ro the beach through the beautiful grounds of the hotel

My footprints weren’t the only ones

Great way to adv jeans, but thought these bushes need trimming

Colourful parrots in abundance

And some or other kommawoodle poodle or whatever but SO cute

Strange birds with glorious clours

Best shower living in my tent ever.  Check out the floor-to-ceiling tiles.  Even space to put the toiletry bag

Hit the road to Augusta via Margaret River, capital town of the south westerly wine region.  Came across A HHH GGG (this is where I fell asleep doing the blog!) this fresh road kill, luckily not too fresh

Imagine hitting that with a bike, eina mamma!

This southern part has lush vegetation and fertile land with milk cows and lots of wineries with Margaret River a pretty little town.  Asked at the info centre if there’s one wine farm I should see and they said Levine.  Misheard and it proved to be Leeuwin named after nothing else but a Dutch ship. The estate used to be a cattle farm till the early seventies.

Their top chardonnay is a collectors item and should be at $103!!  I think Louisvale can put up their prices and export to Australia 👍

Their bandstand on the lawn is against a backdrop of majestic trees and housed some very famous names ie Ray Charles, Dianne Warwick, KD Lang, Simply Red, Sting and the list goes on.  I asked them if they’ve heard od Andy Hart and his band Midlife Crisis (I think that’s what we were called when we played on night to 50 people) and they said no 😜.

Stopped at a beach where there’s suppose to be Manta Rays but raining slightly and didn’t see any

Headed for most south westerly point Augusta

Siri wanted us to turn right

100 funky cows were commissioned for charity and one ended up here

Headed east and stopped for a coffee where not much is clearly happening

Started to rain heavily and Siri needed some warmth

And I needed some rain trousers

It got unexpectedly dark quickly and I completed my day’s journey in the dark and cold and wet and thought wew, never again you fwit!  But I was safe and sound and headed to the pub where I hugged a heater and a few Coopers.  What a day!!




Day 52: Rottnest Island to Yallingup

A few people on my trip showed me selfies with a quokka and it went on my must do list. You find them on Rottnest Island and get a half hour ferry across from Fremantle. Packed my bike, parked it at the terminal and jad to take all my gear over as there were no lockers on the Fremantle side.  This is the only schlep of riding a motorbike ie varting gear about.  Left my tent etc on the bike and put my trust in humankind.

Rented a bike, stowed all gear in locker and after a coffee and a croissant (amazing not putting on weight) went quokka hunting.  Asked binman where to get them.  He said they’re nocturnal plus it’s their mating season, so they’ll probably be tired and passed out somewhere under a bush, BUT there’s always one or two at the cafe.  Liked the sign to the store

And a fleeting glimpse of one

Went hunting some more on my horse.  This one doesn’t  have cruise control

And that is my only visual on Perth  Tip:  it’s on the horizon

Although I’m superfit sitting on my bike all day, after 5km just had to go for a swim

And joy of joys, hot from cycling took tshirt off and there they were!  I think the apple in my mouth could’ve encourage them to climb over me!

And then I felt a little uncomfortable when the kissing started cause it’s mating season, but all good and everybody just friends

Got the ferry back a happy man!  Got my selfies.  Travelled south to Yallingup, a beach spot and booked into Caves caravan park. While I was pitching my tent at 6.30, heard live misic from the pub across the road.  Hurried over where The Milkmen were playing.  Lead singer’s mum is from Zimbabwe.  Just released their first album and had a great meal with Coopers and rollie in tow.  Life is good!