Day 69: Melbourne to Bargo

Woke early and was on my bike at 6am ready to miss the traffic and get out of Melbourne. Keyed in Sydney and for the first time on my whole trip the GPS responded with memory full notice. Searched in vain for method to delete. After half an hour of trying to come up with a solution, it dawned on me that my phone’s working again so with Google Maps managed to see that I’ll go past the airport. Keyed into GPS and huge relief when it took it. Went on highways and over bridges in the dark and in the wet and surrounded by trucks with a whole windpipe orchestra playing and the noise of the bike sounded a wee bit different from time to time.😜. It subsided dramatically and completely quieted down when I reached the airport and a sign said SYDNEY!!!! It was a beautiful sign.
From there it was highway double lane cruising all the way and it gave me lots of time to reflect on my experience.  Sarge wanted to organise me staying with his sister in Bondi Beach so that I can have a bit of a party for my last night on Aussie soil.  When he phoned to say she’s unfortunately got some business meet on, I was actually relieved as I somehow wanted to be on my own for the last night.  Stopped at a small town called Chiltern for fuel and was amazed at the butcher’s prices

Had lunch at an arty place  

Our last redbull stop and an interesting bin into which I placed it.  Amazing what redbull does to one’s hair 😜

At 16h30 feeling a bit cold and tired and with only 111km to go I checked into my last stop at a little motel in a little place called Bargo.  Paid $80 (just for the record) for a place with great heating, a clean bed and a hot shower and had time to reflect





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