Day 68: Melbourne

I organised some cheap accommodation close to the bar where we were going to meet up thinking about all the exciting things I wanted to do in Melbourne. Oh, the plans of mice and men (or something to that effect). Off the boat at 6.45 so stopped for a coffee and a croissant at a cafe close to the port. Wanted to swop my simcards over as I wanted to have my phone repaired but couldn’t find the pouch with my passport in it. Eventually unpacked everything on a table outside but it was just gone. I must admit to a small panic attack as I was sweating buckets. Pulled myself together and started phoning the ferry, Heidi and the hotel in Hobart but nobody had it. Kept phoning The Regatta Point in Strahan, but seeing that they don’t serve breakfast, finally got through at 9.30 and they had it!!! What a relief. I wanted to change simcards the night before and the tool was in the pouch. Fell asleep with it wrapped in the duvet and didn’t see it the next morning. They didn’t have my number as I couldn’t access it on my broken phone. Gave them the address where I was to return the bike in Sydney. They phoned me back saying they posted it express post and got it out of Strahan with a few minutes to spare. It will take two days and hopefully will be there on my arrival. Well this was Tuesday and I was flying out the Thursday evening. Cost was $11.50 but they said not to worry about it. Consider it Tasmanian hospitality 🤗. I was overcome with joy, but felt completely drained. What a fwit I am!! And then something occurred that last happened during the first 4 years of running my own business when lack of cashflow was a severe and constant issue: A humungous bout of flatulence set in and I was playing trumpet and the trombone in the brass band! 🤣.

Managed to sort my phone out with the camera still a bit misty, got the worst haircut ever while I was waiting.  (Sarge confirmed it later that evening in no uncertain terms as he doesn’t mince words) and when I finally reached my upmarket hostel in the rain at about 2pm after my GPS took me to weird and wonderful places, I was completely knackered as they say in Glasgow. So when the going gets tough, the tough buys Coopers (just across the road). Armed with a Coopers and a rollie I went to the smoking area where I encountered an old man standing there wheezing. He was bent over and clearly not well. I asked him if he’s ok, and while it sounds like he’s sucking air through a straw, he grunted “I will be if you leave me alone”. I didn’t enjoy my rollie so much after that and hit the sack for a power nap exhausted.

Great evening with Sarge, Brooke and their friends. Started off at a pub called The Holy Grail where you could smoke at tables what appeared to be inside, but it’s actually outside. First time ever in Australia. Great eastern food and last drinks at The Lucky Coq. Hard to say goodbye to friends who took me in and did so much for me. Hopefully I can somehow return the favour.

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