Day 65: Scamander to Hobart

(My phone got damp in the storms, so I’ll post rhe photos of the next few days later)

Woke up to a cloudy blustery day but NOTHING icw yesterday.  Found my washing still wet in the dryer as fwit forgot last night to set the time.   Note to self: How did you ever managed to get as far as this being SO disorganised?!  If I can , anyone can!!  Went for a coffee at same place as yesterday after drawing money and found Heidi there.  She and Jo are sisters in law

Thanked them all, made an appropriate donation as Heidi didn’t want any money from me and set off with the sea this time on my left (the right!) shoulder.


If I enjoy this ride next to the sea so much when it’s raining, what must it be like when the sun’s shining?  Stormy seas wipped up by the wind, twisty corners and then inland now and then with beautiful rolling hills.


Rode past a motorbike shop that said “bike museum” and immediately made a u-ie (don’t think there’s such a word so maybe ewe-wie?), iow I turned back mostly because I’m on a cultural trip and don’t want to miss any museums but mainly to get out of the rain a bit.  All these great machines were lovingly and immaculately restored by the owner.  I persuaded him to add anther dollar to my museum entry and made myself a coffee in his kitchen.  Amazing how you can tell by the cleanliness of a kitchen that your bike will be in safe hands here  👍  The bikes were just so beautiful and takes one back in time.


There was a photo of him and Charley Boorman on the wall who became famous with his trips with Ewan McGregor in Long Way Round and Long Way Down.  These series inspired me to ride as well and do a big trip when I was quite ill in hospital in 2009.  Back then I didn’t know it’ll take me 9 years before I’ll do it but such is life.  You just never know.   He said those trips completely changed Charlie’s life.  He was a painter and life-long friend of Euan’s who persuaded him to do it.  Now he rides all over the world with local guys and he was in the shop only 4 weeks ago.  I don’t know what the impact of this trip exactly will hold for me but I certainly don’t feel the urge to start painting!😜

On my way to Hobart there was time for a little wine tasting at Richmond.  I’ve actually became used to spitting and it amazes me that you can actually taste the wine, but after all said and done I’ve decided I’m a swallower for sure!!  They’re Riesling won a first and they’re Pinot Noir was delicious.


On my trip throughout people told me that when in Tasmania I must go to Hobart.  There I’ll see people with two heads (because of inbreeding) and one head will have a mullet and the other a mohawk and the city is about 20 years behind the times.  I went out with low expectations and was blown away by their modern waterfront with bars and eateries. Art galore everywhere and at a bar with live music got the best chicken chips and salad for only $10.  The bouncer told me that he works during the day at the university and it closed down because of massive damage caused by the floods two nights ago.  Lucky students?

Later was having a rollie with my drink outside when an elderly couple approached.  Said to myself I’ll eat my beanie if he’s not South African.  My observational skills were proved in the affirmative by his daughter Hayley who asked me if I can langarm (two-step). They invited me for a braai the next day but unfortunately I couldn’t fit that in otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my goal of going round Tasmania and Strahan on the west coast is a must!



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  1. Hello Klaas. You met two of the loveliest local ladies I know, in Heidi and Jo.. Both go out of their way just to be good Humans, with no real expectation of anything in return.. Funny that they should turn out to be sisters in law.. I don’t really know the lovely lady with the food (Vicki), but she is obviously a local Gem as well.. I hope you have a wonderful time in Tassie.. Stay safe, and have fun.. Cheers.. Kylie

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