Day 64: Devonport to Scamander

It was p@ss&ng down when we left ferry at 6.45, so when the goiing gets tough, the tough goes to McDonalds.  Met  2 Harley guys that’s just as tough.  They’re Tazzie boys whose been to Perth and back dor 3 weeks.  One guy lost a bearing (or maybe it was his bike) on the Nullabor and 900km om the back of a truck later got it fixed.  I stayed quiet about my petrolcap.  Some info you don’t part with unasked😜

Rain stopped and we headed to the East Coast with the plan of riding round Tazzie (as it’s fondly known over here).  Rain came pelting down and after a slow 2 hours being hammered with rain and spray and wind, stopped for a coffee with great messages on the walls.  Warmed me up!

Fuelled with warmth and the joys of life I went on to test my waterproof gear to the limit.  The gloves got quite wet but the handwarmers on the bike have two settings:  warm and moer (very!) warm.  And the new boots kept (most of) the water out as they were getting a pounding.

The weather was bad , but I got into a wet weather rhythm and actually enjoyed the ride through a mountain pass with 35km/h turns which I took at 20 👍  I was following my GPS which was set for St Helens on the east coast, when suddenly I realised whilst going over a bridge that the sea was on my right shoulder.  I’m not dumb but I’m slow, so first looked for a hell of a big bridge ahead.  By way of eliminating all other options I knew it was time for a coffee and ask a local.  She asked first: Are you completely and utterly mad to ride in this?!! Had a great chat and she indeed comfirmed that I need to turn round and keep the water on my left!

She said her mad husband put the bike on the concrete

There was a roaring fire in their living room that I can remember very, very well!  Noticed that the wind got stronger in the meantime and on exiting was blown around.  After  a km down the road I realised that I just couldn’t  safely continue and stopped at the side with hazards on.  Wind was so strong that I didn’t dare put the bike on the side stand as afraid it would  blow over.  Sat there with feet out and fight the wind while it was chucking it diwn.  Sat like this for five minutes not having a clue what to do when a girl cane past, made a u-turn, stopped on my side.  Got out and got soaked immediately.  All she said is I’ve got a room for you and a shed fot your bike.  Let’s get you out of this.  I expect no payment. Follow me!  And with that she got into her car and I slowly followed.  Crapped myself on the bridge, but with brilliant skills (needs must!!😜)  made it to her holiday apartments called Carmens Inn.   Got shown my room after shedding the bike and with “stay as long as you like and feel free to use anything” Heidi was off.

I had time to check the weather:

And decided to stay put for the night!

Siri got an absolute soaking.  She said a rainforest’s rain is softer and warmer

So for the first time she felt a heater

And liked it, promptly falling asleep

And just when I was thinking food, a knock om the door and the very friendly lady in charge gave me these leftovers of her granddaughter’s party that she baked herself.  Even brought me tomato sauce!

While waiting for fish and chips had a Coopers at hotel across the road at hotel bar.  After ordering said hi to couple, Cameron and Myriam, next to me and for the FIRST TIME EVER it happened.  This guy shook my hand and asked:  Are you from South Africa or Glasgow?  I was totally bowled over.  After he picked me up from the floor he said he’s got lots of South African friends and he’s dad is from Glasgow.  He said it was something I said when I ordered…

And dinner was well-balanced

Had lots of time to catch up on a bit of blogging and admin and washing and drying.  When I walked out just now could see the southern cross so hopefully better day weatherwise, but regardless said Siri, cause we’re hardcore and going round!  She’s got a big mouth. 😜


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