Day 63: Blairgowrie

Sarge shiwed me around the peninsula where they live.  Back beach

And front beach where his boathouse is

One of these two were once the most expensive real estate per square meters in Australia. Think the guy oaid $680,000 ten years ago

And The Heads where all sea traffick to Melbourne pass through

The only remainder of a jetty where they offloaded cattle in the late 18 hundreds  (I’m SUCH a historian 😜)

A kiln where they heated the limestone to extract … forgot now, maybe lime?   Modern twist above

Top real estate

Beautiful blond sandstone.  There’s a place in Scotland called Blairgowrie where we go and play golf.  My friend Sandy also does consultancy there.  The Scots who settled here must’ve been from there.  It’s a special place and so is this

Back at the house and ready to go.

First gave my treasured camping gear and straps to Sarge who will look after them for me.  They came a long way since picking them up from the Labrador BCF branch and served me well.


Sarge made Siri a raincoat as we were going to get rain for sure

I almost took Brooke’s bike.  Such a cutie!

Spotted backyard art

Last stop was at Sarge’s workshop where he does his miracles with these great three legged boats

I wanted to meet up with the guys I rent the bike from.  They’re based in Melbourne and have provided me with great backup  Trevor gave me some Coffee as well as new boots.  The others I got from them in Sydney were never going to do the trick in Tasmania.  On our way into Melbourne the odo showed that we’ve done 18000 km.  Also time to change the front wheel wich they provided me with at a great price.  Also went through biggest downpour ever on way there and my slow speed riding skills were tested to the limit.  I reckon I’ve improved a lot with a soft clutch hand doiing the trick

All kitted out went straight through the city to the harbour.  Haven’t seen skyscrapers since Brisbane.  Boarded the Spirit of Tasmania where bike was strapped in for the ride.  Siri and I had a 4 bunk cabin all to ourselves.  We came to treasure our privacy.

And the oysters were magnificent with Coopers

But for the main course as much as you can put on your plate.  The juggling act’s main theme on my plate was meat, so as there are 8 islands around Tasmania…  (tip: Tasmania is also and island)

Once we were through the heads into the open water the boat started to roll a bit and helped to make me sleep like a 🌻when there’s no sun  😜





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