Day 62: Apollo Bay to Blairgowrie

Sun in my eyes so took photos from where I came.  This coastline reminds me of Gordonsbaai to Rooiels.  It just goes on and on and on…

A huge bushfire started by lightning wiped out the trees two tears ago and several mudslides took place which now need to be fixed.   Quite a few stops and starts but who cares if you can look at the beauty around you

At this loxation 80 houses were wiped out.  Made me think of  the Knysna fire

Ordered a coffee and the best almond croissant EVER!! Took it across the road and sat in the sun and then my first major accident on my trip so far

After I finished it I found that when I bit into a little almond, a small piece of a mauler broke off.  How blessed am I to report that only a little bit of a tooth went missing after 17500km.  This just gives me an excuse to visit my old dentist pal Schalk (best dentist in the whole world!) in Franschoek and couple that with a game of golf at Pearl Valley!

And then more twisties and more and more and more…. 👍

And one beautiful beach after another 

Until I came across one and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Had to do a double take

And on closer inspection I found that the beach artist is called John aka Patto and Alanah aka Ldawg (apparently this is a long story) and dog called Narlah.   They said they thought when I walked over I was going to complain.  Reason for art is boredom and SHE came up with the idea said Patto.  Almost sounds like Adam and Eve 😜

And this house has a fantastic viewing room

Bells beech close to Torquy is famous surfing beach

Stopped at Torquay for lunch

Reached end of Great Ocean Road and took ferrie over from Queenscliff to the peninsula south of Melbourne but there’s always time for a craft ale.  Sarge lives in Blairgowrie close by and met me at the ferrie

Where I came from

Sarge in his heyday (in other words not so long ago!) racing his Norton.

Went to his boathouse fully kitted with fridge and Bose system and heater!!!

And a message to serve as a reminder to LIVE!!👍👍👍

Did I mention I love trees?

And back home he lit a bonfire (just for the potatoes) and we had a reunion barbie

In the toilet a reminder that it’s good to leave your comforts behind and bike!  (This is actually a Harley advertisement but I’m not going to mention it😜)

Beautiful trees and…😜

Had a bit of a runny nose and Sarge quickly cured it with this secret potion. 👍






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