Day 61: Willalooka Tavern to Apollo Bay

This is a double as I didn’t take rhe direct route

Took a walk this morning and discovered a hockey and cricket field behind the toilet area.  When handing back my towel, was told that the Willalooka cricket team won the troohy last year for the first time in 42 years.  Weekend coming a hockey tournament with 6 teams taking part.  And I thought I was in the middle of nowhere. Not so hardcore afterall 🤣

It was the coldest yet to a morning start at 8c and it didn’t get much higher than 12c for a long time.  And then miles and miles (or so it felt) of vineyards on the flat.  Lindemans and Penfolds have acres and acres here and the gum and vine and sheep theme continued

And a blue lake

Had to turn my watch forward half an hour

And another species of gum.  Strange what you notice when you’re having a big leak next to the road

An historic bar which wasn’t open, but advertised Coopers

Biggest table in Australia though or so I think

Start of the Great Ocean Road.  Apollo Bay is where I’ll eventually end up but didn’t know it at this stage because NOTHING is planned 👍

And then the scenery started

Grotto made me think of Waenhuiskrans and Grotto Beach

The Twelve Apostles.  One originally left, but these guys are crumbling fast!

Had all modes of transportation apart from helicopter, so took a quick spin


From there to Apolllo Bay scenic beyond words.  Road swings inwards from sea every now and then through beautiful forests with every now and then a u-turn corner.  All corners are marked with speed beforehand, so know what to expect.  Very little traffick and a biker’s joy.  Luckily didn’t encounter any Chinese drivers. Place swarming with them.  Occasionally a sign to remind them they’re in Australia and must keep left! Arrived at destination just before sunset pumping with adrenaline and the joys of life.  Didn’t feel like camping so owner mentioned rooms above for $70 and I was overjoyed.  Craft beer, hot shower, steak with red wine in front of a roaring fire fuelled with hard gum and great music and my cup was running over!  With a runny nose took my first medlemon of the trip and slept 9 hours solid with the heater full blast.




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