Day 22: Daly Waters to Mataranka and back

Decided to stay till Saturday as big party with live band Friday night.  Agreed would ride together with the Harleys to Mataranka and enjoy the springs.  Awesome machines.  Seriously thinking of getting one as well!😜 But will NEVER part with my Beamer.  There’s just something special about German engineering 🤗

So we set off for Mataranka which is just round the corner 178km away. Relaxed slow ride as I was following them.  They looked like they were sitting on Lazy Boys cruising happily along. Sound off their machines just awesome  They rode on as they were running out of time (hey boys, if I’m cruising at your speed I must give myself a year going round Oz!😜) so we went to the thermal spring first where Siri rang the bell and we met Carine from Belgium.  She says she does 180 km/h with her sportscar around here. She says the only kangaroos she sees are dead ones.   You go for it girl!

And then we walked to the spring.  The water bubbles up here coming all the way from Queensland

She’s such a poser.  Wants me to open a facebook account for her. I said stay away from social media, you already sleep 18 hours per day, ise the other 4 to live life to the full.  Like you, she said and winked.

Then we went to Bitter Springs a few km away.  Nothing bitter about this place but apparently small crocodiles. To the contrary.  Only the slight taste of the beautiful water.

Totally natural stream that flows through.

You get in at the top end and float down with the stream slowly carrying you for about 10 min where you have to get out.

Walked back on the path and did it 3 times.  Last one with goggles and a floaty.  Always leave the best for last!  Lush vegetation and palm trees on both sides with the sun filtering through.  The water is crystal clear.  Thought somebody left a yellow plastic bag at the bottom but it was only a leaf.

Truly a magical experience

Two goodlooking girls spoiled my tranquility by invading MY stream and dared to play music. It lessened my pain ever so slightly when they floated round topless.

Was so overcome by ALL the beauty that I forgot to fill up and just made it home riding 80km/h iso 140.  Siri said she likes going slow sometimes.  Then you can take in all the beauty and truly experience the moment.  Live in the moment is a great song I said.

Last but not the least treated myself  to Kangaroo loin which was surprisingly good and hopped to bed a very happy and contented man🤗

Day 21: Daly Waters (where else?!)

So what makes this place so special?  I guess it’s remote, it’s homely, it’s friendly, it’s laidback, it’s clean, it’s got beer and whatever else is cold, fuel (very important), exceptionally great food just as best as any top class restaurant, two pools but moreso it’s quirky with a long history of fun. It’s very Australian, has character par excelance and attracks young and old. So Uncle Klaas feels right at home. When I think of a haven in the outback, I think of Daly Waters!🤗  The photos doesn’t do it justice but here goes:

You just have to stop here!

I guess fairly straightforward message on a power box:

So just had a lazy day with Paul  He’s an engineer who worked in Darwin and now on his way to Townsville ie all the way where I came from to visit his daughter and then to Melbourne where he’s going to settle.  He’s driving a fairly old car he’s bought for his daughter and spotted a few wrecks in the bush on our way to the bonfire  would you believe he found the same model and colour and came back to camp with several parts which he could assemble and expertly fit!  Only an engineer could do this…He’s real passion is music and he’s fantastic  writing and performing he’s own stuff.  I hope I’ve encouraged him enough to now follow his passion  Go for it Paul and hope to see you in Melbourne 👍

I slept next to the pool and snored myself awake 3 times 🤣Luckily Ibwas on my own…

We took a walk and with uncontained excitement looked at a tree which was apparently initialled by Stuart, a Scotsman who was the first explorer to reach Darwin from Adelaide on his second attempt.  He must have been desperate to get away from Adelaide.

Saw some kangaroos hopping at speed.  That was almost exiting as the tree😜

Then two Harlays rode into town and Siri wanted to meet other steel cowboys  She soon won Mungrel and Woodsy over.  She’s such a flirt  Now she wants me to get my goatee as long as Woodsy’s and says she will tie it for me (she hasn’t even done my back yet as she says she needs to comb it first!) .  Woodsy said he has to tie it otherwise it flaps in his face when he’s riding

Met Sarge who showed  me how to do a roly (strictly tobacco only!) and then we played street three pin bowling with a round stone in front of the petrel pumps.   Only in Daly Waters!

And on my way to bed I encountered a Buddhist frog

With great difficulty connected with the UK to sort out ct card problems under the stars till 2am and slept like a baby till 9am👍


Day 20: Barkly Homestead to Daly Waters

Woke up early in my little tent which didn’t have the outer over.  No rain so I looked up at the stars during the night with Sirius shining bright and for the first time on my trip a clear Milky Way.  

Went for breakfast where I wanted to update my blog and they had wifi.  Found that I deleted majority of text I did in the tent last night.  Where’s my kids!?  Luckily all the young travellers are up to speed and managed to help Uncle retrieve some of it  Will know better next time

Been bothered by flies for the last two days.  They’re small and active and get in everywhere

Headed west for a long way, got to T and followed the highway to Darwin. Left would’ve been to Alice Springs and I don’t wanna go there as I’m going round and not down. Going north again!! Filled up at Three Ways where I lost one of my trusted earplugs that came with me for years.  Also lost my towel off the tumble drier at the back of my bike.   Didn’t secure it enough.  Didn’t really know where Three Ways was and neither did this stubby (beer) holder

Here it is though

An next stop somewhere north after filling up (fill up regularly now cause travelling at considerably higher speed and fuel stops few and far in between) the friendly owner said I must have a good ride.  You too I said  Don’t have a bike but I will she said smiling… I love the Oz humour 😜

Now kilometres of nothing and I got bored.  You think of weird and wonderful things on a bike like suddenly I just had to know from Siri if a Koala’s fart smells of Eucalyptus?  She just smiled .  Then I got really bored and stopped

Next to the only little flower in the middle of nowhere I buried my trusted flip flops that came with me for years and was now over worn  It’s not my day but beauty cheers me up

A motorbike passed me from the front.  Since I left Oasis this is about only the fourth bike I’ve seen.  Intended to stop at Mataranka, but saw a sign for Daly Waters pub and remembered Isaac told me about it.  Turned off and after a lager and a chicken salad during which I met Paul on his way to Townsville, Decided to stay as we both agreed it’s such a special place.  Had another lager and the world felt beautiful again 👍  Didn’t  bother to put my helmet on, had it on the handlebar, gor stuck and in front of the pub dropped my bike.  Got ample help from the pool

Bought them drinks after I pitched my tent and Paul and I got invites for a bonfire next to a lake in the middle of nowhere

Paul is a fantastically good guitarist, we had a bongo drum and an Aboriginal blow pipe (which I couldn’t play and we danced next to and around the fire

We heard dingoes howling (they sound like wolves) and Sirius was looking down on us.  An amazingly unexpectedly unforgettable night was had by the two old guys with a bunch of great kids



Day 19: Mount Isa to Barkly Homestead

This morning spent with a bit of frustration at the library. Docs to print and sign and scan and send. Where’s my kids to help me? Staff very helpful and when lady heard my accent, she said that her husband is the cartoonist for the local paper and this is what’s going in!!!:

Didn’t even know about the scandal. Always so remote and never watches the news. Guess somebody will tell me should the world come to an end. Hopefully not too soon as there’s such a lot still to see and experience.Got myself some Bluetooth fancy earphones but they still need to be charged so watch this space. Wanted to see first if they will fit my helmet, but guy says it’s like trying on underwear. Put my fingers in my ears to show no wax but result not so good. 😲
Also had to get a Telstra simcard cause Vodafone’s coverage in these areas nonexistent. Know that the SOS number is 000.

Headed for Barkly Homestead. People get bored and then put clothes on the anthills. 😁

Got to Camooweal (what a name!) and filled to the brim. Got big bottle of water cause temperature rising. Filled up with my shirt on. Lots of cowboys but none of them steel.


Whole day not another motorbike in sight. Made me feel special 😜. Let the adventure continue.👍

Crossed the border from Queensland into Northern Territory and saw the best sight ever!! Now for eating up the kilos. Even a ray of light shone on my bike. Damascus moment. Gave it wellie and km’s shot by. Very high winds made it interesting riding as well as increasing fuel consumption and got home with 15km’s to spare. Could’ve gone harder but Siri a bit windswept as it was. Highest temp so far at 37.5 c. People tell me I’m lucky, because two weeks ago 44 c.

So pitched my tent and this time left the outer off as it didn’t look like rain. Had chicken (even I can’t have steak 5 nights in a row!!), watched the road trains coming in for a well deserved break

Had my litttle nightcap and lying in my tent watched the stars above. Magnificent display and showed Siri Sirius. She said it was very bright. Like you I said and fell asleep under the stars not having a clue where I’ll sleep tomorrow night. Bliss 🤗


Day 18: Richmond to Mount Isa

Technical problems with text. Think I might have deleted it instead of copy and paste, so for now photos first and text to follow.

Putting on my 2nd pair of happy socks.  Didn’t know it then but lasted me 3 days before slightly smelly🤧😊

Was pulled over by the cops luckily not for speeding (yet!!) to make way for this monster

Moment I stop the hawk paid a visit as well as loads of flies

Stopped at Julia’s Creek for a hearty brunch.  Had a nice chat with Meryl

Angelina also wanted to have a chat but Siri didn’t like her that much.  Asked what’s wrong with her lips?  She liked her quote though and said she feels elevated when I strap her to the bike🤗

Transportation in the outback is functional

Some great signs

And advertisements 😜

Heard that two weeks ago I wouldn’t have got through because of all the rain.  Glad my timing is unintentionally good otherwise I could’ve ended up like this

Strange anthills.  Looks like moleheaps on steroids

And then after hundred of kilos of flat, so flat I could see the earth’s curviture, I saw a mountain!!

Stopped at a lake outside Concurry and Hollie (on left) from Zimbabwe saw the SA flag and asked us to join them for lunch.  They all work on a cattle farm for 3 months in the outback so that they can stay for another year. Had to decline as Siri said I’m getting fuller round the waist since she met me and they had lots of crisps

Smiles all round and we left for Mount Isa

Information centre most helpful

Met up with Isaac and Alana for beers and the best Wagu (like Kobe) beef ever!!  It’s a rump steak with a high fat content.  Mine measured 9 and the highest is 12.  Met them at Kate and Michael’s wedding a month ago and great to catch up in their hometown.  Thanks for a great night guys.  They start their day early so gave me some time for window shopping.  Don’t know if this is the style we would go for…

Walked a long way back to my tent and Siri on arrival said I look better after the exercise.

Day 17: Oasis to Richmond

All ready to go but not fully charged, so while having my caffeine fix chatted with Jo, a Chinese boy who came to Oasis 2 days ago all the way from Cairns to work there but he found it too remote. Honestly don’t know what he expected. Stood there with his suitcase waiting for a lift. He may have to wait for a long time. Told him about a sign I read next to a primary school in the middle of nowhere that said: Opportunity is everywhere. Don’t think he fully understood. Made my Redbull customary purchase as I was now awake for at least 5 hours and set off full of the joys of life direction Charters Towers. Would’ve been able to cut out 3 hours of my journey to eventually reach Mount Isa, but that would’ve taken me 180km on a dirt road with river crossings etc. Done that in SA and consider myself hardcore but not stupid to go out there on my own. By the way, they don’t have vultures in Australia. Pauline told me of a Scottish guy who raced down that road with his car, rolled it and it took 6 hours to get him out of there.
She loves the Scots she said as they always ensure good profits at the bar😁.
So I stuck to tar and travelled 56km before encountering my first car (which was parked next to a house). At 79km I saw a motorbike and waved so much that I almost missed the road narrowing.

It was raining slightly all the way and when it stopped I devised an outdoor tumble-drier.

At 99km saw a massive gathering ahead which exited me big time: Two bakkies were parked next to the road and the farmers were having a discussion. Could only have been about the weather. What else? Couldn’t have been complaining about their wives, because looks like here the women do all the work.😜
Saw another eagle and we passed closely underneath. Siri gave him a dirty sign as she claimed he was checking her out.
Stopped at road works for considerable time. Saw first emu in the wild and was given a fruit by a lovely lady in the car behind me. Never seen this before, but looked like a midget coconut and tasted better than a leechie.

Had my first pie in Australia at Charters Towers (Aussies love their pies) while talking rugby league to a lady who supports the Cowboys playing out of Townsville. She doesn’t care for rugby at all. Guess I have to go west and south to find the supporters.
Travelled west really for the first time and started to encounter road trains. They have huge cabs pulling up to four trailers which length in total can’t exceed 53 meters. I got quite a fright the first time I encountered one from the front as they create an unexpectedly huge amount of turbulence. Also when you pass them (which I often do), you’ve got to leave yourself way more overtaking distance. Luckily you just have to pull this bike’s ear quickly and it accelerates as fast as lightning. What a machine!!

Most colourful toilet. Presume you can’t miss the gents.  Keep on truckin!

At this stop put my earphones on to distract my attention from the millions of flies, ate my Lunch Bar all the way from Noosa and danced to Dancing on my own. Not really true cause Siri joined me.  Then the scenery started to change to open plains and wide ooen skies

Everybody on the way told me that the The Mud Hut in Rrichmond would be the place to go to for a fantastic party on a Saturday night.  So that’s where I went

Had a lager at 5 and promptly fell asleep after putting my extremely sour smelling washing in the machine out back. Woke at 7.30 and prepared for the best party ever!  Walked round the corner and place was shut, as in completely!!  Went pub crawling as there was one more and wnded up here where I had the nicest steak This is after all steak country.  Guy showed my photo of now and a month  before the rain came taken at the same place

So I had a rum to end off the extremely busy Saturday night (not!, only a few guys playing pool) and learned that Richmondshire is the size of Belgium. Whatever, I know it’s big cause I rode already over a lot of it. As I went to retrieve my washing from the drier (what else does one do on such a hectic night?) I sang my version of Cat Steven’s song: Another Saturday night and I ain’t got somebody, I’ve got some washing and it just can’t wait…😜. Said to Siri the only thing travelling by yourself thats not so good is you’ve got nobody to ask to rub your back with sunscreen. I guess I could have asked the guy at the nudist beach. 🤣. She said she’ll do it from now on. 👍

This is where I partied!!



Day 16: Port Douglas to where-ever

Woke up in my little cosy tent (I finally managed to sleep straight through till 5.30 am after using anti curlew devices called earplugs as well as a little nightcap) not knowing what to do because heard rumours of a cyclone coming south. Wanted to sleep in the rainforest north of Port Douglas at Cape Tribulation. Apparently you wake up to the most beautiful sound of birds ever (no Curlews!!). After advice from Geoff and his wife at 6am, friendliest cleaners ever, decided to visit Mossman Gorge just north and then turn south to outrun the cyclone. Now this sounds like an adventure! Sad because really wanted to go over to the west coast of the peninsula at a place called Kuramba. Dr Kate told me about the beauty of the sunset there overlooking the ocean and I envisaged sitting at a little bar on the sea. Maybe sometime in the future… but now had weather to deal with. Visited the beautiful rainforest. Started off dry and then you hear the rain but the canopy above catches it and delay the inevitable deposit that eventually gets you wet. But I don’t mind wet because it’s a warm wet… and you dry out eventually.

She had a little kangaroo, but took a liking to Siri. Easily done!

Siri wanted her photo taken as she felt at home in the rainforest.  She’s sich a wee poser 🤗

After this beautiful walk of about 3km (and how I need the exercise!), I headed south for the first time after about 3300km. The fastest way would’ve been to head back down the coast to Townsville where I came from, but true adventurers don’t backtrack, so I took the most beautiful winding road up to the tablelands towards Mareeba. It used to be a goat track, so it felt like 100 30km/h turns till we finally reached the top. Stairway to Heaven played in my head.

Headed to Atherton where locals again warned me about the cyclone. Came across Ravenshoe at two and asked locals at the highest bar In Queensland where to head.

I got 5 different opinions from guys who’s been sitting there judged by their condition since the previous night. None the wiser treated myself to a beautiful chicken salad (no carbs!) and realised haven’t eaten anything all day. Fear of cyclone must have delayed my hunger. Wolved it down. If you want to know where to go, ask a Sheila in a mud-covered 4×4. Fuelled up at Mount Garnet.

Local cop pulled in and asked his advice. Said I have to head to Oasis and can make it before sunset. No use going west because a river has overflown and the road is blocked. You don’t want to be on this road after that. Only roos and cattle then.

When moving my bike away from the pumps I heard “Hi, hoe gaan dit!! Wat maak n Boer hier?! Hannes from Hotazel in South Africa spotted my JA/NEE sticker. He is a mining engineer from South Africa who’s doing the design and implementation of a tin mine 14km away. He’s been living in Mexico with his beautiful Mexican wife, has been all over the world setting up mines, has been kidnapped and kept for 9 days by Boko Harram in Nigeria, when ransom money handed over escaped under gunfire, his gorgeous daughter is a cheerleader for the Bulls (wrong team!) and now finishing her studies. I said my father in laws dad had the general dealer in De Ben and he said you wont believe it, but his dad had it too. What a coincidence!! He offered me a place to stay and was clearly ready for a braai, but I had cyclone fever and had to get moving. Said goodbye to a newfound friend made in 15 min. 🤗

Thanks to the cop’s directions and meeting Hannes, I now had a clear purpose on where to go and was full of the joys of life. What a beautiful ride I had. The Bruce Highway stretches south through some beautiful lush cattle country. Saw: first anthills (they’re round in shape!), 6 falcons feeding together in the road, a kangaroo crossing road in distance, thought another but was magnificent huge wedged tail eagle, and cattle in the road.

Reached Oasis, a fuell stop with camping in the middle of nowhere but food and the smallest bar in Oz!!  Camped 100 yards away and had access to a shed where I tried to dry my sour smelling wet stuff. Erected the tent in 7 min. Siri watched it all with great admiration and said that’s the fastest erection she’s ever seen. I guess koalas are a bit slow-moving if that impressed her.
Was given the choice of a room for $60 or camping for $10.

Pauline, the lovely owner in the smallest bar in Australia.  She’s starting with her back to the wall’

Reminded me a bit of Betta in Namibia

Had a great steak and a good chat with a couple who was having dinner with their two young daughters. They still had to do 3 hours to Townsville. They work for a big conglomerate who owns half a million acres with 15000 cattle 40 km away.  She homeschools the kids until they have to go to high school.  Now I truly felt remote with no reception. What does the internet & a band have in common? They both become useless when they run out of gigs! No use having gigs if you can’t use them…

So had the most laidback Friday night ever and retired to my tent.    Siri sang me to sleep at 8.30 and woke up at 2.45 fully refreshed. A Meatloaf phrase All revved up with no place to go! sprang to mind. So I sat on my chair and for the next few hours until sunrise I wrote this blog. A cockerel started to crow at 5am (luckily more than 3 times😜) and I felt great about life🤗.

Day 15: Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef

When woken in that fashion, couldn’t help thinking but the Noosa Sheriff again and a great quote sprang to mind:  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”

So I got him out my system forever and as I booked my Great Barrier Reef experience I was picked up from the Pink Flamingo and taken to the boat. 

Wondered if I was going to see Nemo? 

Quite choppy and 5 people got seasick, but Boere are tough and made it to the outer reef intact. Strange but when you arrive you don’t see much, just a bit of white water and a different colour of blue that’s the reef.  After endless paperwork I was declared fit and healthy for my scuba dive. Three things that we had to do in the water before going down:  1. equalise regularly by grabbing your nose and blow to pop your ears (somehow I didn’t have a problem finding mine!). 2. Clear your mask of water by looking up and blow through your nose and 3. Letting go of your hose, retrieving it and blow the water out.  Fully charged and ready to go. And then don’t know how it happened but started to hyperventilate a bit.  Calmed down, breathed slowly and relax and there we went.  What an amazingly beautiful experience. Didn’t have to do much apart from using the flippers a bit and holding on to our instructor’s arm. Let the photos speak for itself once uploaded.

Went for a snorkel when we finished and just equally beautiful. Got a floaty and just drifted looking at the incredible marine life and the diverse coral formations.  I was truly blown away.

Did my dive together with Martijn from Nijmegen.  He was a ski instructor in Ischgl where we recently skied after kissing his job with Deloitte goodbye. He’s now a tax lawyer who makes money to go on holidays. Siri wanted a photo with him and his girlfriend Laura who is a dietitian.  Delightful couple.

Went for another dive and snorkel at another site equally beautiful and got proof!

Couldn’t smoke on the boat and honestly didn’t miss it that much but at marina a craft brewery with geeat burgers and because the heavens opened still sitting here 3 hours later and feeling good about life

Not looking forward to the tent tonight but hopefully those Curlews drowned a slow death!

While I’m watching this torential downpour with a coffee and a cigar in hand on the stoep of the tourist train station at the marina, a Toyota bakkie stopped with a guy driving. The girl got out, struggled to get her luggage from a side cage and by the time she reached my safe rain-free location she was completely soaked with her hair plastered all over the place. She then rushed back to the truck and staggered back with the biggest box of lager I’ve seen and all this time the guy is just watching and sitting comfy and then he drove off with a big smile waving! Seemed to me that Australian men are very privileged to have such an easy lifestyle. I voiced this observation laughing as I offered help. Felt the biggest relief when it was politely declined. Soon helpers appeared to haul the booty away.
It kept raining so I ate the nicest double cheeseburger with another craft beer watching first game of the season between two Melbourne teams playing Aussie Rules (combination of rugby, a bit of soccer and basketball and a few others and now biggest sport in Australia) watched by over 100,000 people at The G. My neighbour from Melbourne explained the rules patiently (good question he would say on every question I asked). Great fun as it’s fast, open and quite physical. This may be the reason why according to my neighbour rugby union is dying. I definitely want to see a game. With a quarter left, the rain stopped and I walked back. My route took me through the pretty Main Street and still wearing my swimming trunks treated myself to a Bundenberg rum and a cigar at a bar. Was just contemplating how wonderful life is now that I’ve ticked the Barrier Reef off my bucket list, when I was joined by a very atrractive girl. Don’t you recognise me, she said. You laughed at me when I was wet! So it proved that Nathalie and her friend (he had to drive further so no use getting soaked helping her) drove down from up north and a trip of 5 hours took them 9 because of the rain and condition of the gravel roads. She was waiting for her boyfriend to join her. He’s from further up north and couldn’t get through so he flew down. I witnessed the happy reunion (don’t think they see one another often 😜) I just love watching love and time for me to leave as it stopped raining yet again. The one team beat the other 88-86 I noticed.


Day14: Magnetic Island to Port Douglas

My trip today:

Misjudged complety as to how much stuff I had to pack up and just made the 8.05 ferry.  Ferryman felt sorry for me as arrive in the rain and said there’s loads to come as I head up north today. I don’t mind the rain, because this rain is warm. Didn’t enjoy the start at all as after only 30 mins started to feel sleepy for the fitst time on my trip.  Stopped and had a bit of Red-bull. It gave me wings.  They sell it here in screwtop bottles as well, so great to take a few sips and move on. Stopped regularly until at 2pm realised I haven’t eaten anything yet. Only coffee (3 shots!) and redbull.  When you’re on a bike and hungry and a little bit wet, I guess you appreciate things that you normally take for granted a bit more like smashed avo and poached eggs with a bit of bacon.  Hmmm! Saw that Forrest Gump and Lt Dan must be around in Innisfall.

So life took on new meaning and I enjoyed the bike and the ride and the scenery as we got closer to Cairns.  This is the tropics and sugarcane everywhere

Cairns is bigger than I thought, is quite stretched out with a big busy looking airport.  I missed not having seen the aquarium but decided it’s Port Douglas I wanted to be at. Did the most fantastic bike route ever in Oz up to now next to the sea between Cairns and Port Douglas.  It’s a Unesco heritage site. Winding turns, blue water and lush green vegetation.  Awesome!

Used my Wikicamps app to book ahead.  I’m getting better with this stuff

Pitched my tent and ended the day with a meringue.  Can’t beat it!

Went to bed like a good camper should at 10.30 after I had a little KWV brandy from Noosa with diet coke. Would’ve had another but a downpour chased me into my tent where I slept like a baby. That is until I was woken by the sound of a girl screaming at 2.45am. Only it wasn’t a girl, it was birds called Curlews.  Checked them out on youtube.  Scared me sh#tless and didn’t sleep well after that.








Day 13: Magnetic Island

Woke up this morning with the loudest bird noises ever. You can’t call that song. It was a kakkafoon of sound. It was still almost dark when I made a coffee and encountered some friends.

Breakfast was done at the camp for a group with a great quote to start the day.

I wanted something healthy for a change and got it.

Some guys were cleaning the Stinger barriers.

The non-busiest lifeguard in the whole of Oz told me that a Stinger is a jellyfish and that they have some real nasties around whose tentacles is so poisonous that they can kill you if you don’t get help quickly.

Luckily the twins were safe.

Rented snorkel, flippers and stinger suit and took footpath to explore the nearby beaches. Wanted and needed some exercise and got it!  Tropical heat make you sweat like a pig

Sometimes its good to stop and smell the flowers

Balding beach was all mine except for a yacht anchored in the bay.

Went for a snorkel around the rocks and only left footprints 👣 on the way there.

Saw some beautiful fishes swimming in and out of cracks in the rocks. When I came on shore wearing my stinger suit that covers me from head to toe and wearing my mask like a bhurka, I saw a guy only wearing a hat and he invaded my shady spot. Well, he was in my shade. Guess he was naked but couldn’t see much as he had a bit of an overhang but wanted to get back to the cracks and the fishes.  Nonplussed gave him the bare facts and the naked truth about SA politics. He soon sauntered off. I don’t know if I bore him or if my sexual orientation was very evident (I gave Siri a kiss when I introduced her to him). A local guy on the ferry  later told me he can be quite a pest and is well known on the island. Well he didn’t bother me, but as the beach didn’t belong to me anymore, Siri and I were off to the next one called Radical Bay. We saw the reason why I should stick to major roads and then we came across a piano.

Just when I thought I escaped the crowds, there was a girl lying under the only tree on the whole beach. Siri and I got her permission to join her (she was very relaxed when she saw I had a girlfriend) and we had a great chat about LIFE and she’s living it. She is 28 year old Beatriz from Spain, she’s an architect working in Sydney, but now she has to do 3 months of work in the tourist industry as per her working visa specifications. She travelled by car all the way to Magnetic Island to explore the country and to find work as specified. Sometimes you just instantly click with somebody and she reminded me a lot of my daughter. 🤗. The only difference Mia is that she travelled with her dad for 2 months through South America. Don’t think you’ll want to do that for SO long😜. So persuaded her to try some biltong and droeë wors that I got at Airlie (dried sausage). The latter won. Thanks for a great chat and an unexpectedly fantastic afternoon  you’re a go getter whose going to do brilliant and go and sort the matters of the heart. Hope Uncle Klaas gave you a little advice you can use. 👍 Oh, and she’s got great music taste for an accomplished violinist.   She loves Dire Straits and her favourite song is Sultans of Swing.  I told her my son said that I remind him of Guitar George who knows all the chords but he can’t make the guitar weep or sing!  Thanks Bert!  It drove me to play the drums.  Mentioned that it’s written in my will that they need to play Walk of Life at my funeral 😜  Hopefully not too soon.  So many things to do and see, so little time

Siri got a little jealous, didn’t show it but had a good chuckle when these delightful ladies whose touring and told me about free campsites, chatted me up after dinner.😜   She took the photo…

They stayed in a chalet above where I was camping and said that they watched my every move!  They saw me talking to Marit and said I should go for them instead🤣  Later saw them at the bar where they were playing cards and having a ball!  Go for it ladies!  Some of the kids I meet say I inspire them with my little adventure, but you inspire me having such fun living life!!